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Infant’s Health

Ashirvad Hospital & Reasearch Centre takes initiative for best health of infants. Newly born babies needs utmost care & we take best of our efforts to develop an infant into healthy baby.

Women's Health

Our Chronic disease awareness programs for women help them to remain fit & fine. They are encouraged to be alert regarding several diseases and undergo the routine check-ups.

Children's Health

We look forward for better children's health by encouraging your child to eat a variety of healthy foods control portions, information about vaccines, school health.

At Ashirvad Hospital & Research Centre, our specialised doctors, high-risk pregnancy specialists called maternal–fetal medicine doctors, and obstetricians work as a team to counsel and monitor women with diseases before, during, and after pregnancy.

Our doctors at Ashirvad Hospital & Research Centre are internationally recognized for their expertise. They have helped many women and their child with the diseases manage symptoms and complications during pregnancy. Experts at our Women Care Centre work with our gynaecologist care for pregnant women from the initial days of pregnancy till the after delivery period.

Three Values of AHRC

01. Live healthy and active

We at Ashirvad Hospital & Reasearch Centre help our patients in living a healthy and active life.

02. Visit your specialist

Children are the gift of God & we encourage every parent to admire them at every level of life.

03. Take special care of mothers

The existence of humanity is dependent on the existence of mothers, we stepson to take special care of every mother.

Ashirvad Hospital & Research Centre is a leading maternity and multi-specialty hospital in Eastern U.P. with the ISO 9001-2008 certification.

It was established over four decades back on 23rd May 1977. We are one of the best hospitals of the Varanasi district.


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